Downloads and Links

On this page you'll find links to all files you need to download in order to make WinEdt (and TeX) fully operational on your Windows. After downloading and installing WinEdt you may want to check and download available dictionaries (word lists), and add-ons which provide additional functionality...

New: WinEdt 9

To install WinEdt 9 click on the link below and follow the instructions:

  • WinEdt 9.0 (64-bit) [Build: 20140917] (winedt90-64.exe 8.7 MB)
  • WinEdt 9.0 (32-bit) [Build: 20140917] (winedt90-32.exe 8.3 MB)

  • Older versions of WinEdt

  • WinEdt 8.2 (64-bit) [Build: 20140613] (winedt82-64.exe 12.9 MB)
  • WinEdt 8.2 (32-bit) [Build: 20140613] (winedt82-32.exe 12.5 MB)

  • CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) Servers

    Previous (recent) versions of WinEdt are available on CTAN:

      WinEdt Version and Build Filename Size
      WinEdt 6.0 (32-bit) [Build: 20110315] winedt60.exe 8.31 MB
      WinEdt 5.5 (32-bit) [Build: 20071003] winedt55.exe 7.02 MB Dictionaries, Additional Macros and Configurations

  • (WinEdt's Community Site)

  • Links to other Home Pages containing TeX related material

  • CTAN: Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • TUG: TeX Users Group
  • MiKTeX's Home Page
  • TeX Live Home Page (TUG)
  • LaTeX Community Forum
    • If you are new to LaTeX you might benefit by reading a Short Course from the fourth edition of the acclaimed book More Math into LaTeX by George Gr├Ątzer:

    • Short Course (CTAN: pdf document and video presentation download)