WinEdt 8

WinEdt 8 is a Unicode text editor with code folding capability. Users that already have an older version of WinEdt should read the following important information pertaining to upgrading:

WinEdt 8 is installed parallel to WinEdt 7, 6 or 5 and you can continue to use an older version of WinEdt and possibly uninstall WinEdt 8 if you prefer the old version. WinEdt 8 can run simultaneously with an older version of the program. You should not attempt to install WinEdt 8 over the existing WinEdt 7, 6 or 5 on your system!

Upgrading: From version 5.x -- not really; you cannot import old settings from WinEdt 5: the new version will have to be customized from scratch! Most configuration (*.ini) files from WinEdt 6 can be loaded into WinEdt 8 after minor modifications (with a few exceptions that affect Unicode and Language functionality). If you already have WinEdt 7 installed the migration is easy: just execute the command 'Import WinEdt 7 Settings' from within WinEdt 8 and you're done...

Upgrading WinEdt 8 series is easy. Install the new version or build over the older instance of WinEdt 8 and execute the command 'Upgrade Personal Configuration' to merge your custom settings with the new defaults.

Registration: WinEdt 8 series uses the same registration data as WinEdt 6 and 7 -- you will have to enter the same registration data in WinEdt 8. If you are currently using WinEdt 5 you can take advantage of the trial period and see if you want to use this version or you prefer the older WinEdt 5.x series. Should you opt for WinEdt 8 and already have a license for WinEdt 5, you will need to purchase an upgrade license from (see the Tables at the Registration page: upgrade rates are at the bottom). Exceptions will be made (upon request) to users that have purchased a license or an upgrade within the last year and to (a few) users that make contributions to, or help with WinEdt project in some other way... This is your chance to get involved!

WinEdt 8 uses dictionaries (word lists) in unicode format: they can be downloaded from Properly converted English dictionaries are already included in the default settings.

Major new features in WinEdt 8:

  • WinEdt 8.2 is dpi-aware and it is properly scaled on resolutions other than 96dpi. It automatically resizes its controls and fonts for (ultra) high resolution displays. Images at different resolutions are responsible for increased size of this release.

  • WinEdt 8.2 is compatible with Windows High Contrast Themes. Highlighting automatically adjust to black background due to the new color schemes configuration section.

  • Status Line is now fully customizable and in its default settings it displays an extra panel for document encoding (such as UTF-8 or CP1250).

  • Options Menu now contains Toolbar submenu where you can quickly select one of the alternative toolbar layouts (not everyone needs or wants a 2-row toolbar with all compilers and extras).

  • There are 32- and 64-bit versions of WinEdt 8. Users with 64-bit Windows can install either. Configurations and functionality of both versions are identical. The only difference is that WinEdt.exe is compiled as a native 32-bit or 64-bit Windows application, respectively. In the long run all applications will use a 64-bit platform but currently 32-bit applications run well on 64-bit Windows and not all applications offer a stable 32-bit version yet... 64-bit applications can launch 32-bit ones and vice versa. That's why both versions of WinEdt will work with either 32-bit or 64-bit version of MiKTeX...

  • Internal code has been optimized and overall performance of WinEdt 8 has been improved (particularly noticeable in large TeX or HTML documents).

  • Default settings have numerous improvements (including enhanced compilation and preview macros, new highlighting schemes, etc.).

  • And there is more... As always, plenty of work has gone into this version of WinEdt and every aspect of the code, documentation, and default settings has been revised and improved for this release. See WinEdt 8 Change Log below for details...
  • Detailed list of changes for this version can be viewed by clicking on the WinEdt 8 Change log link below:

    WinEdt 8 Change Log

    Now you are ready to install the new version. Have fun!

  • WinEdt 8.2 (64-bit) [Build: 20140613] (winedt82-64.exe 12.9 MB)
  • WinEdt 8.2 (32-bit) [Build: 20140613] (winedt82-32.exe 12.5 MB)

  • What would I like to hear at this stage?

  • Any bugs and problems with the new version...
  • Comments on the new default settings and appearance...
  • Any problems with installation...
  • Confirmed fixes...
  • Problems or confirmations of fixes can be reported directly to or else they can be communicated on WinEdt's Mailing List.

    Avoid sending major feature requests: they will have to wait for the next version...