WinEdt in Action: Snapshots

WinEdt's overall appearance depends on your Windows and selected Themes, and on the way you want to customize WinEdt's own colors and background schemes. Below are a few examples of WinEdt 9 in action on Windows 8 with customized theme and visual effects...

WinEdt in Action as TeX Editor

Note the drop-down menu in the button that starts TeX; the default compiler can be changed. The drop-down portion of the button only has to be accessed when you want to change the default compiler. This instance uses the (default) 2-row toolbar and has background schemes and effects (gradient background for special environments and right margin) enabled. It is easy to enable or disable such effects through the Preferences Dialog or through the Options Interface where the appearance can be further customized.

TeX was executed in WinEdt's Console (bottom panel). Default shortcut to toggle the visibility of the console is Shift+Ctrl+C.

Notice auto-delimiter matching in action. Line Numbers have been displayed for visual feedback (in the default settings the shortcut Ctrl+= toggles the visibility of the line numbers)...

GUI Page Control (TeX Symbols)

WinEdt provides a special GUI Page Control containing almost 500 buttons associated with TeX symbols. The control and its contents are user customizable:

This example briefly illustrates WinEdt's spell-checking ability. Right-clicking an a misspelled word brings up the Suggestions Dialog.

The commands Check Word (Shift+Enter) and Complete Word (Ctrl+Enter) in the Tools menu are real life-savers. Note that misspelled words are (by default) highlighted in red and underlined. This auto-spelling functionality can be turned off by clicking on the Spell panel in the status line. The same applies to other panels in the status line: they respond to mouse clicks!

In particular, WinEdt supports standard (LINE) mode copy, cut and paste operations as well as Block (Column) selection mode. This can come in handy if you want to manipulate columns of data: selection mode can be toggled by clicking on the LINE panel in the status line. Note that choosing the Block Mode selection temporarily disables auto-wrapping and enables the "free caret interface". After you are finished with the Block Selection Mode you should restore the default behavior (click on the Block Panel to restore the "standard" LINE selection mode).

WinEdt in Action as HTML Editor

Below is an example of customized WinEdt working on its web pages. Note variable width font (Verdana 10) and fixed right margin (with Soft Wrapping) enabled for HTML mode. WinEdt's Options Interface (Font Schemes) can be used to make mode-specific modifications like this:

The Options Interface is displayed on top of the Tree/ Navigation Bar Control. It's Visibility can be toggled through Options Menu...

WinEdt in Action as NSIS Editor

WinEdt now provides a friendly interface for editing and compiling NSIS scripts. Below is an example of WinEdt working on its own installer script:

WinEdt 9.0 in High Contrast Scheme #1 on Windows 8

WinEdt 9.0 is compatible with Windows High Contrast Schemes:

All Windows theme elements (including Window background, text color and highlighting schemes) adjust automatically to such a scheme.

WinEdt 9.0 in an UHD display

WinEdt 9.0 is compatible with UHD Displays. Below is an example of how WinEdt looks at 192 dpi resolution:

All graphics elements adjust automatically when you change your display resolution.

If you customized WinEdt 9 and would like to show it "in action" let me know and I will consider including more images like this!